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Sadly there are no Tests "required" in order to be an Assured Breeder of Chinese Cresteds... but.. I do every test possible to ensure that my puppies are the very healthiest they can possibly be..



2015 5th Top UK Crested Breeder (from 102)   2015 5th UK Crested Exhibitor (from 143) 

2016 4th & 8th Top Dog and 2nd Top Puppy (behind Ch Debrita Don't Stop Me Now)
2nd Top UK Breeder (behind Habiba)
2nd Top UK Exhibitor (behind Donna Crow)


Please contact me by e-mail or telephone about my puppy plans for the future...

[email protected]   01962 793152 or 07818 093 244 

Puppies will be £1000 hairless / £600 powderpuffs

Before leaving me, all puppies are vaccinated, fully wormed/flea treated. They are microchipped and their PLL and PRA status is 100% certified



Born 1st April 2017
by NL Ch Zhannel's Grand Master
ex NL Ch Effort Pays Off of Roxy's Pride

Contact me in first instance [email protected]









Above - Oksana's Chloe with five lovely babies. One powder puff and the others hhl
Below - my own Pola with her five very hairless pups and only one powderpuff.





Cresteds make great pets / companions...

For instance... This Youtube link shows Korai as a puppy... 
Korai is a lovely red hhl with cream furnishings but has soft (floppy) ears. This means he can't be shown. He grew up with my family and was looking for a forever home as a pet. Now named Boo, he's found himself a fabulous home in Swindon, see below - pictured with his new best friend..


And Morphy just didn't fancy the show ring although he is an absolutely gorgeous puff. He just liked cuddles. So a perfect place was found at an Old People's Home where he just flits from knee to knee with the odd hitch-hiked lift on the Housekeeper's trolley... a dream life indeed...









My puppies are brought up in the home with all the family



I breed for my own purposes as I ultimately would like to show good dogs that I have bred myself. I am happy to keep all my pups for some time to see how they come on. I am not in a rush to get them out of my house... there is lots of space and countryside and I have all the time in the world. Lucky girl that I am.

Movement develops as puppies become more and more active and, in particular, I also want to watch their mouths; good dentition, especially in this breed, is important to me. Check my Health Issues page for further details...

I am the first to admit that I am realtively new to Chinese Cresteds (my first one arrived in only 2008) and, also, that they have a very specialist place in the market. However, I will not compromise my integrity so refuse to sell a puppy at 10 weeks simply "on demand" no matter what money is offered. I will wait to see that each puppy is absolutely right for their new home before they leave me.

If the puppy is to be shown then I want to make sure that it is as sound, and of the best quality, as possible; it is going to be my kennel name going in that catalogue.









From the husband of a new owner of one of my puppies...

I'm happy to report that we actually have a real dog that just happens to have bat-ears! Charging 'round the garden and "adjusting" her state of cleanliness is all in a day's work for her!
I was not expecting this and I am having to adjust my opinion of "Toy Dogs". She is a very happyossity indeed. I will send you some pics when she slows down! Otherwise, all you would get would be two ears attached to a blur.

Michael Officer
September 2012





















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