Scherzando Chinese Cresteds

The new addiction of Christine Bridgwater.............


The best 100% dedicated  worldwide Database/s

Chinese Crested Registry 

Chinese Crested Health 

Chinese Crested Dog Club Great healthpage link

Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain


Kennel Club News on BAER Testing Sept 2015

UK Breed Standard  

Bands / qualification for Stud Book Numbers

Fascinating Picture Gallery from the past


CSJ I recommend all CSJ dog foods / products / supplements. 
Skinny Dip Shampoo is THE best product I have ever used on my hairless' skins. 
Neem Oil is great for Crestie skins and they have a fab skin cream.
CSJ also have a new food out made of 26% tripe called "Complete Tripe" which is absolutely super for putting on and keeping condition
Big Paw Embroidery for those special suits


Rabart Fine Art for lovely models. I commissioned one of Pola and Dutchie. What do you think?

Link is



Doggie Togs (including belly bands) Will handmake to any order

Gift Ideas??

Nathan Lock - Artist Extraordinaire just look at the news page on his site and click on Cresteds. This young man is a fabulous artist 

Pet Nap for heat pads

Vale Studio Sculptures and House Plagues

Whelping boxes from






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