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Nl Ch   Fame and Fortune of Roxy's Pride in Scherzando       2 CCs 1 RCC  


I can't believe my Dutchie is a Veteran this year... time flies... 


BOB and 2nd in Group Wijchen International Show December 11th 2010



 BOB Arnhem International Show May 22nd 2010


My gorgeous Dutchie was imported from my, now very good, friends Ingrid and Peter, in the Netherlands. He entered the UK on 24th June 2009 after having already been successfully shown as a puppy by Ingrid.

The Roxy's Pride website is.... 

I was desperately keen to get my new boy so brought him in on the very first day he was allowed onto British soil. In those days dogs served their six months (would-be) quarantine in their home country before being allowed into the rabies free British Isles.

He looked brilliant when I collected him - these experienced show people can turn out a dog to fabulous royal standards. He had been produced to perfection.

After only one night in his new UK home we were off, up north to Blackpool. I was intending to let a friend, Linda, handle Dutchie in the ring as she was far more experienced than I.  Dutchie, however, had only just got used to me and wasn't about to change his loyalties yet again and threw a complete wobbly - he was NOT going to stay with Linda for a second.

Quickly we changed dogs; she took Moss from me, who also misbehaved for her (most unusually for him) and I handled Dutchie.  I tried to do my very best, remembering all that I'd been taught, and Dutchie took 1st in a very large PD class - I was ecstatic. I even phoned Ingrid to tell her!

During the following couple of weeks we had various bitches coming into season at home and Dutchie was going demented. This new breed was highly sexed - I've never known anything as bad as this - and Dutchie was running condition off his little body at a rate of knots. His temperament remained excellent, he wasn't getting tetchy at all, but he was just "woman mad" and couldn't concentrate on anything but his hormones.

At the shows we attended in July we had varied success. Here was my gorgeous boy that moves like a dream, but, if he insisted on going around the ring like a bucking bronco or decided to squeal and pull about on the table we were not going to do any good.  At Paignton on 5th August he was a little minx.

By early August the bitches at home were finishing their seasons and Dutchie had put a bit of weight back on; it's easy when you eat. However, I was almost resigned to not showing him again if he was going to be so unreliable.

Still... four days after Paignton, on 9th August, was Bournemouth, my closest Champ show. I had entered all the Cresteds, and it was only 30 minutes drive - so I thought "what the heck" an I'd give Dutchie one last chance.

Dutchie was out of Puppy and into Junior by three days (he was born on 6th August) but today he seemed  quite switched on (or off???) and won JD quite easily and without, it seemed, a second thought from the judge.

I remember the occasion well... waiting to go in for the Challenge. Being hassled by Linda to "c'mon -get him ready".  I wasn't taking this showing lark seriously enough. Dutch even fell off my trolley with a real thump during a lapse in my concentration.  (Whoops... For goodness sake watch your dog, Christine!) It didn't seem to worry Dutchie so in we went.

It was a lovely sunny day out on the grass. This, I thought, was only going to be a token gesture... the biggest "names" would win. If I was to say "win as usual" it would not be with any nastiness - some people in Cresteds have been breeding top dogs for a very long time...

Zena Thorn Andrews, a highly respected all-rounder, narrowed her choice down to three. Me with Dutchie, Linda Rupniak with Solinos Letterman and Tom Isherwood with his and Lee Cox's Ch Vanitonia Brace Yourself. These people were TOP handlers, well known "names", or "faces", as they say. Jay has had many RCCs and Andy was DCC winner at Crufts 2009. I was elated simply to be in their company.

Mrs Thorn Andrews moved all the dogs again. She studied us all hard. Then  she came towards me, smiling. She shook my hand. MINE!!! We took the ticket. Me and Dutchie. Me handling. ME! I was speechless. Dutchie had his first Challenge Certificate and under such a world renowned Judge.

Needless to say - Dutchie will continue in the showring but may have to be withdrawn if ladies preoccupy his thoughts on the day. We have had some more excellent results since our first CC but on some occasions have been dismissed totally.   Oh well... 

May 2010 - Best of Breed at Arnhem! You have to take the rough with the beautifully smooth.... then BOB and G2 December 2010 at Wijchen.. by May 2011 he made it - Dutch Champion! In 2013 he gained his second CC under Mr Rony Doedijns (NL). He finished his Belgian Champion that year, too.

Check this link to see Dutchie's progress

Dutchie is DNA Optigen tested clear PRA, BVA tested clear Glaucoma, tested by AHT carrier of PLL, Vet certified patellas free of any fault or instability. There has, unfortunately, been epilepsy proven to be in his pedigree so he is not available at stud.

June @ 10 months old winning at Blackpool


September @ 13months relaxing in the sun


Showing in Kortrijk, Belgium @ 15months 


The flying Dutchman at home 22nd November 2009


Shaking off the snow 5th January 2010 - only 6 weeks since the picture above!




 City of Birmingham - 3rd September 2010


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