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I am very proud to say...

For the year of 2016 I am the Owner/Breeder of the 4th overall top winning dog (from 243)
1st is Ch Debrita Don't Stop Me Now JW ShCM
2nd is Ch Habiba Fake It 'til You Make It
3rd is Let Me Be The One of Angel's Legacy at Casacavallo JW

I am the owner/breeder of 2nd overall top winning puppy in the UK (from 78)
Dawn Dixon's Ch Debrita Don't Stop Me Now JW ShCM is Number 1
Number 1 bitch is Mssrs Payne/Dunlop's Ch Habiba Fake It Til you Make It

I am second top UK breeder of winners in the UK (from 106)
Mssrs Dunlop and Payne (Habiba) is Number 1
Happy Dancing is Top European Breeder of Cresteds in UK

I am second (from 135) top UK exhibitor - Donna Crow (Casacavallo) is Number 1
Happy Dancing is Top European Exhibitor of Cresteds in UK

Statistics from




I have bred, trained, competed and judged Spaniels for well over thirty years,
see my orignal website

However, a new breed crept into my life in 2008, and has fast become an addiction, I felt my new love deserved it's own little corner of the web. This is a fairly new site... so please bear with me whilst I do my best to make it interesting for you...

As with all my dogs that I have ever bred to date (English Springers since 1983) my Cresteds will be fully health tested. All my Chinese Crested Dogs hold current clear BVA eye certificates, including Glaucoma test. They have in the past been DNA screened for PRA (by Optigen) and PLL (by AHT). Most recently I have used Paw Prints Genetics who offer a comprehensive Panel of Tests. My dogs are also checked for patella instability. Furthermore, as any new health test becomes available my dogs will be screened. 

Because of my past experience in dogs generally I was able to miss out several of the learning stages where I "made mistakes" in the distant past. For instance, I made a point of NOT getting any old Crestie... I tried to make sure that I bought only from a knowledgeable person of longstanding. However, as a total stranger to the breed I found it difficult to source a puppy from the top UK kennels. I didn't know what questions I should ask, I knew nothing about showing (at that point I had no intention of showing), and I already had big working gundogs... all that put those "big guys"off me, I guess. Even Linda Rupniak (who sold me my first Cresteds) put me through a million hoops before she'd let me have one. 

Then I started looking overseas; I sought honesty and integrity aswell as a proven track record in the show ring and now I have friends worldwide.

I promised the breeder of my first Cresteds that I would show her puppies. I also promised Dutchie's breeder, Ingrid, that I would return him to Netherlands for shows. I trusted them, they trusted me.

My CCDs are affectionately called "my kids" and they all live as "family". One or several of them might sleep on my bed. They still have individual crates in the kitchen for feeding or sleeping. They are my responsibility for life.

I consider myself still to be "a rookie" in the showring.   OK, OK I have judged working dogs in Field Trials for donkey's years... but this ringcraft lark is a whole new ball game. When I got my first Challenge Certificate at Bournemouth 2009 I could have been knocked down by a feather.

All my dogs will qualify for Crufts but may not all attend. They are all consistantly placed in the UK from the start.  In Europe, where I used to love taking them, they all did very well and always graded excellent. For instance, in May 2010, at Arnhem's Pinkstershow, Dutchie got the dog CAC and then went BOB - even beating the BOB from last year's Amsterdam Winners Show (the Netherlands' version of Crufts) and with all the rest of Europe exhibiting there, too. He got the dog CAC again and went BOB at Wijchen in December 2010... taking BIG2 to top the day off.  Dutchie made his NL CH title in May 2011. He then won four CACs / CACIBs in quick succession in Belgium. Unfortunately, alhough you just need the four CACs to be a Champion in Belgium, there must be at least one year and one day between the first and fourth CAC... doh! 

The show world still remains a bit blurry to me. BUT... I do know what a sound dog is and how he should move. I appreciate "correct" conformation. I know how important temperament and socialisation is. As for preparation for the ring and presentation when you're in it?  Well, I am improving my own grooming techniques... but can't hold a light to my mentors. My handling in the ring is coming along... but slowly. My past life with dressage horses has been a massive help to me, believe it or not.  Some say that I am to showing what Cyril Smith was to hang gliding.  At Crufts 2011 I think I looked pretty smart in my new glitter suit. Then, I judged at Crufts 2010 in the working dog Gamekeepers Classes. How funny that my debut as a show judge (apart from local pet classes) was at the greatest Dog Show in the world....

Dutchie and Pola are both Champions in Europe and have had quite a few CCs and RCCs in UK

My biggest accomplishment is to have bred, produced and handled my first Champion in the UK
Jagger is a puppy from my beloved Dutchie and Pola... and WHAT a boy he is! Twist is on two CCs so... hopefully... he'll be next.

Finally, just in case you think all these dogs are good for is the show ring... let me tell you thay make fabulous and active pets. They love life and live it to the full..  check the pictures at the bottom of this page :-)
Animal Planet have also made a short film about the breed as a pet... click on the You Tube link.


Animal Planet says... 




Please telephone or e-mail if you would like to know more about my dogs

Telephone +44 (0) 1962 793152 (home) +44 (0) 7818 093 244 (mobile)

E-mail [email protected]

I am based near Winchester and welcome visitors by appointment




 Judging in Crufts Main Ring on the Final Night - March 2010
 I'm the short one with what looks like a rabbit around my neck :-)


Exhibiting at Crufts 2011 - Percy got VHC from an International class of 24 dogs!


My little 'Konshiki Trio' at Southampton June 2009

L-R Moss, Lilley and Percy all joined me as puppies


          The mighty Moss as a pup


Dutchie before he left Netherlands



When the Cresties are not showing off in the ring.....

Some are footie addicts... Obie and Dennis watched England lose :-(

After the 2010 World Show in Denmark...
L-R Swimmer Dutch, meadow larkers Percy and Moss, beach baby Moss


The breed loves agility


... and simply being a pet 

The black/white dog in the photograph above and film below is a powder puff with a coat clip perfect for pets.
He is my Champion's litter brother (Scherzando Fade To Black) and loves his family..


Here is a link Peggy playing and chasing with friends in Sweden


From the husband of a new owner of one of my puppies...

I'm happy to report that we actually have a real dog that just happens to have bat-ears! Charging 'round the garden and "adjusting" her state of cleanliness is all in a day's work for her!
I was not expecting this and I am having to adjust my opinion of "Toy Dogs". She is a very happy-ossity indeed. I will send you some pics when she slows down! Otherwise, all you would get would be two ears attached to a blur.

Michael Officer
September 2012

From someone that only came to "have a look"

Thank you for your time and hospitality this afternoon. You have such beautiful dogs, it was such a difficult choice to make between Peggy's boys and Gally. I was impressed by the quality of all your dogs. They are by far the best I've seen.

Now that I've met the puppies I so excited and can't wait to take one home.

Thank you again.

Siobhan Spooner
September 2016




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